ColourWise (Calibration)

Grading ‘Fei Cui’ Jadeite

Jadeite Ring

The grading of 'Fei Cui' jadeite involves the analysis of seven variables, namely colour, clarity, cracks, cut, texture, transparency and volume.

For colour grading, there are four factors; hue, saturation, lightness and colour distribution. The finest green ‘Fei Cui’ jade will have an intense, bright pure green hue that is evenly distributed. Saturation is particularly important when grading green and lavender ‘Fei Cui’ jade.

The colour should be completely even to the unaided eye, without spotting or veins. Slightly uneven or uneven colour distribution will lower the value by up to 90%. In lower qualities, fine root or vein-like colour patterns that contrast with the body colour of the stone are considered more desirable than dull veins or roots. Mottling, dark irregular specks, or blotches that detract from the overall appearance of the stone will also reduce the value.

Mason Kay

The ColourWise Coloured Grading System for 'Fei Cui' jadeite is based on the Mason-Kay 'Colors of Jade' Guide and includes their reference numbers (1 to 49) as well as the approximate ColourWise Colour Grades. Please note that these colour grades are based on the digital version of their guide.

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